Can I have different powers in a pair of contact lens?

Yes, you can pick 2 different powers in contact lens lasting for 1 month and 12 months. However, the power is constant in every package of 1 Day contact lens, so you need to buy two boxes in different degrees for 1-day lens. All contact lenses are genuine.

Is there any difference of contact lens between authorized dealer import and parallel import? What is the difference in quality? Where is the source of Trendy20’s products?

The products from both authorized dealer import and parallel import are genuine, they were produced from the same qualified manufacturer. It is ensured that the quality of the goods is consistent.
Most of our products are imported from the licensed foreign agent formally, therefore our products are sold at a more friendly price.  We understand the customer’s concerns. All goods sold before our strict control, clear inspection and then carefully packaged. They are safe to purchase and use.

Why is the product packaging written in Chinese Simplified? Is it a copy from the Mainland?

Trendy20 sells only genuine goods. In fact, most Japanese and Korean official brands would have products exported to countries that speak Chinese, packaging in different languages are produced for export.
Most of our products are imported from the licensed foreign agent formally, the relevant agents are responsible for the export to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries, thus the packaging is written in Chinese.
Trendy20 ensures that all goods are produced through the same licensed manufacturer and the quality of the goods is consistent. The manufacturer and the address are clearly listed on the product packaging, all data can be verified.
We understand the customer’s concerns. Here we list the certificates of our agents and manufacturers to give evidence of our sources. Customers are also welcome to check with the official website if they have any questions.

The goods in Trendy20 were sold in a cheaper way, would it be an item that is about to expire?

Goods sold in our store are generally valid for a minimum of more than one year. In case of products that would be expiring soon, we would give notice about the issue. They are safe to purchase and use.

Items do not match the order

All products sent would be based on the buyer’s order. Customers will receive a confirmation email once after making an order, please carefully check the order data in the email, if there are any changes and mistakes, please contact our customer service at once.

When a customer receives a confirmation email from the Company, our Company’s (1) Network System will also have a record of the e-mail, (2) the Company’s e-mail will also have a copy of the confirmation email received by the Company, and (3) the Company’s backend system will also display the customer’s order data, name, telephone, email, Payment method, notes, shipping address and shipping method. The Company will be based on the data displayed in the backend, all data and terms of the order, the record of the Company’s backend and email record prevail.

Customers who place an order with Whatsapp, we will also send the confirmation(including order data, name, phone number, payment method, shipping address) to the Whatsapp number at the time the customer places the order, the above data is the same as all the data provided by the customer in Whatsapp, which is displayed in the backend of the website. all data and terms of the order, the record of the Company’s backend and Whatsapp’s confirmation prevail..

If the product is damaged or a wrong product is sent, can I request a return?

Please contact our customer service staff immediately (Whatsapp: 852 94058804). Once it is confirmed that there are quality problems and incorrect shipments, you will generally receive after-sales service and you do not need to return the item. Please note that the after-sales service time only lasts for 30 days after the date of shipment, if you have any questions, please notify our customer service staff within 30 days, no reissue would be offered over 30days.

Can I request a return if the purchased item is damaged during shipping?

We will not be involved in the delivery of goods between the buyer and the seller and any loss in the delivery, including loss and damage, and Trendy20 will not be liable for damage caused during delivery. To ensure safe delivery, we recommend that buyers ensure that the object is not damaged before confirming receipt.

If the number of degrees, radii or materials found to be not suitable for me after purchasing contact lenses, can I exchange or refund them?

Customers should consider and repeatedly confirm that contact lenses meet their personal needs before purchasing them. In cases where non-shipping errors or damaged products do not meet the exchangeable or refundable circumstances, guests are responsible for it.

After receiving the product, I find that the product and related product pictures are different.

Product pictures and information are for reference only, the colour displayed differently under shooting lights and different monitor and other issues that may cause the difference between the product picture and the real colour. Hope you may understanding.